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10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]

kell egy wombat :3


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An evening with Neil Gaiman, FourPlay, and Eddie Campbell, at the Warfield in San Francisco. Many wonderful things happened during the evening, including a full-length reading by Gaiman of the artists’ collaborative work The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains, with accompanying music performed, and accompanying artwork projected on a screen.

As in other circumstances when I’ve thought “I’ll just take the backup camera,” I forgot to consider such questions as whether the backup camera performs decently in the dark. Sigh.

I was there and it was awesome!

Don’t you think you owe the Interwebz more info? I thought you were a better person, Lau.


Well, I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone else who was going to watch the show. But it looks like the show varies, considering tweets from the Carnegie Hall show. So, some highlights…

  • FourPlay started their set with the Doctor Who theme song. Many Whovians rejoiced, myself included.
  • Lara’s voice is lovely. It reminded the hubs of Red from Transistor, and me of Hyrule Field at night, especially during the reading of The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains.
  • Neil looked like a character from one of his books. I want to say modern-day Septimus.
  • He read us a few stories from different places. My favorite was October(?), about a genie who meets an artist.
  • Neil reads exactly like he does in his audio books, except he sometimes stumbled over a word and recovered quickly. It was wonderful, and I could probably listen enraptured as he read out a grocery list.
  • Not reading the book before the show was a wise decision. (Plot twists! Gasp!)
  • I saw a camouflage kilt. It was impressive.

egyik legjobb elmeny ever

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Jul 22
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30 eves gpoy

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